Wow! We can’t believe it, but it seems that four years ago today the AllSkas had their first outing at Party in the Park. It’s amazing how much support we got on that day and even more amazing how much of a following we now have. Thank you so much to everyone who has come to see us since that day.

As Tim often says “you really couldn’t write a business plan saying Start a Ska band and take over the world”, yet that’s exactly what has happened.

Here’s to the next four years!

A gallery of photos from the MACS gig over the weekend

Thanks to Richard from The Tonicx band for this wonderful selection of photos of the All Skas taken at Miraflores over the weekend. We’re thrilled to hear that M.A.C.S. made nearly €5000 for their essential work supporting people with cancer across the area. Well done to all the bands and all the people and all the organisers who were involved. We had a blast.

Condado Club – A Review

Thanks to CHICA DE MAZARRÓN for this review of our private ska party at the Condado Club. It turned into a great event and we had fun playing to a more intimate crowd of ska fans.

So last Saturday night, I’d planned to go out with friends and have a well deserved night off from the day job and blogging…. Then a saxophone started up, my blogging brain kicked right back into action and I knew I had to write about The All Skas! – CHICA DE MAZARRÓN

Here’s the full review

The AllSkas

Mirror in the Bathroom – Zurgena – Aug 2022

Wow! It’s so great to have a pro sound and light setup for a big fiesta gig! We loved playing to Zurgena, and it was interesting to have such a mix of Spanish and English come to see us. A big shout out to Christina from the Ayuntamiento for hiring us, and also to the wonderful band Odyssey who came on after us – hope it didn’t rain too much for you!

Tom Hark and Nightboat – Arboleas Fiesta – Aug 2022

Thank you to Carrie for taking this video of the end of our gig yesterday for the Arboleas Townhall Fiesta. It was a roasting hot day, but we managed to have a stunning gig. We estimate that about 250-300 people came to see us, which is terrific! Thank you to everyone who came to support us.

Photos from Oasis – July 2022

Thank you to Martina for this wonderful collection of photos from last night’s gig at Oasis Club. We enjoyed entertaining everyone and it must be said that the food was AMAZING!

Video – The Tears of a Clown – Crocodile Club June 2022

Thank you to Ashley for taking this video of a little of our performance last night up at Desert Springs Crocodile Club. What a wonderful venue and what a great crowd came to see us. Sold out, as usual!

Video – Night Boat to Cairo – Miraflores June 2022

Thank you to the beautiful Claire Ridgway for filming our performance of Night Boat to Cairo over the weekend. We had a fantastic time playing to a fully booked audience, both inside AND outside the bar. Amazing stuff! Thank you to all our fans for still supporting us.

Ska Show 79 – Alton Nehemiah Ellis

Alton Nehemiah Ellis (1 September 1938 – 10 October 2008) is called the godfather of the Rocksteady movement, and he really did create some amazingly catchy tunes for us to enjoy. Bring on the Rocksteady!
We also get to learn all about milk, both past and present. Oh yes, the Ska team really have excelled themselves this month… Continue reading “Ska Show 79 – Alton Nehemiah Ellis”

Games People Play

Hi Ska fans!

We’ve created another masterpiece during lockdown with our latest recording. “Games People Play” is a song written, composed and performed by singer/songwriter Joe South. In 1968, the song was released on Joe’s debut album, Introspect. We’ve been inspired by the 1994 version recorded by Inner Circle for our version. It’s a guaranteed fun-filled summer hit! Continue reading “Games People Play”

After lockdown …

Hi Ska Fans!

we’d just like to write a quick post about our gigs now that lockdown is easing and gigs are coming through again. We are so happy that you’re still with us as a band, and we are looking forward to entertaining you again!

We’d like to say that for all gigs you need to check carefully with the venue to make sure you comply with their requirements. This is vital to protect you, us and of course the venue too! If there’s a new rule, it’s there for a reason so please do follow them.

The most notable change at the moment seems to be that you need to BOOK to come to a gig. This allows the venues to know who is coming and to control the numbers to new requirements. It also seems that at the moment you may not be able to dance like usual. We’ll come up with some way that you can still get your ska-workout, but please please do respect the rules of the venues.

We are looking forward to playing again and it all kicks off this weekend. BOOK if you want to come!!!

It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it

Hello pop pickers!

Our latest creation during lockdown is an 80s classic – It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It – and we had a lot of fun on this production. We even persuaded the Skaettes to join us, a real first!

We also have to give a huge shout of thanks to DJ Geoff Murrell for doing his intro piece for this video, it really sets the 80s scene perfectly. Why did they get rid of Top of the Pops, we’ll never understand! We’ve brought back Top of the Costas to make up for it…

Video from School’s Out

Thanks to the wonderful Nigel Bradder, we have this incredible compilation video from the “School’s Out” event in Moacar. We had a wonderful time and wanted the evening to go on forever…

Nigel makes some wonderful videos and you can find them on his Facebook channel here:

Ahhh- so sweet!

Sooo young! Back in 1993, Tim entered an anagram quiz in a music magazine and … won a radio microphone! Here’s the photo to prove it!

In the article which went into local papers, it said “Teenager Tim Ridgway has scooped first prize in a national competition. Nineteen-year-old Tim won a £200 Trantec radio microphone system. Tim, a well-known local saxophone player has performed with the popular local group The DB Blues Band, is studying at Warwick University.

Well-known local saxophone player … nothing changes!