Hi Ska Fans!

we’d just like to write a quick post about our gigs now that lockdown is easing and gigs are coming through again. We are so happy that you’re still with us as a band, and we are looking forward to entertaining you again!

We’d like to say that for all gigs you need to check carefully with the venue to make sure you comply with their requirements. This is vital to protect you, us and of course the venue too! If there’s a new rule, it’s there for a reason so please do follow them.

The most notable change at the moment seems to be that you need to BOOK to come to a gig. This allows the venues to know who is coming and to control the numbers to new requirements. It also seems that at the moment you may not be able to dance like usual. We’ll come up with some way that you can still get your ska-workout, but please please do respect the rules of the venues.

We are looking forward to playing again and it all kicks off this weekend. BOOK if you want to come!!!

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