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My monthly pilgrimage to see these guys. Great entertainment as always and energy despite the heat.

Richard July 24, 2023

Great show as always

Tricia Walk for Life Arboleas May 2, 2023

Holding you responsible for all my aches and pains - it was lovely dancing to you lot. Loved it. Brilliant Day.

Andy Walk for Life Arboleas May 2, 2023

The first time I have managed to catch you - I wasn't disappointed. Absolutely fantastic. Loved your version of Tainted Love.

Andy Walk for Life Arboleas May 2, 2023

Thanks guys you were great as always xx

Irene Walk for Life Arboleas May 2, 2023

One of the best nights ever with the Allskas at Mazarron, what a night!!!!! Just when you think these boys can’t get any better, they just do, the Zambuca was shaking

Karen April 10, 2023

Keep up the fantastic music

Alison April 7, 2023

When you are good, you’re good, you guys are on another level. Class combination of great musicians/ performers.
Tick all the boxes

Patrick April 7, 2023

Fabulous day and a fabulous band x

Sandra April 7, 2023

Great day out and superb gig! Looking forward to seeing you all again in Cartagena on Sunday!

Paul April 7, 2023

Still enjoy watching you guys as much today, if not more...just great entertainment..

Richard April 7, 2023

This just came up on my memories, really made us smile that day and we love you more every time we see you!!!!! I know ‘some bloke’ who is going to have the happiest of birthdays on April 16th because of you xxxxx

Karen April 7, 2023

If you got it you got it. The All Skas deffo have it. Look forward to seeing you at Miraflores soon

Chris April 7, 2023

Fabulous group. Always a pleasure to see you all. Such nice blokes

Geraldine April 7, 2023

Absolutely fantastic.

Tina April 7, 2023

Doing a grand job guys with great music to liven any function

Brian April 7, 2023

Fantastic professional Band, The All Skas. Love watching...

David February 15, 2023

What an absolutely cracking afternoon fabulous atmosphere today, the ska tissues didn't want it to end thank you from us all

Sharon February 15, 2023

We love coming to your amazing gigs - so much energy and fun! Much love to you all and see you very soon!

Kate September 26, 2022

Thanks everyone for a great Set at Ankara yesterday, fabulous afternoon with superb entertainment. The Best!

CJ September 26, 2022

Great afternoon

Ern Ayuntamiento de Arboleas Fiesta August 22, 2022

Great night xx!

Wynn July 3, 2022

T H E B E S T!

Adria July 3, 2022

A brilliant night

Richard July 3, 2022

Better show than Madness put on! Thanks as always for a great night.

July 3, 2022

Great nigght, with lovely people, food & drink. Music - such a talented band, looking forward to another gig

Janis July 3, 2022

once again, absolutely brilliant. Had a fantastic night.

Jacqueline July 3, 2022

What a great night!! You never cease to amaze us with your musicality, such a talented and well-loved group. Thank you for a joyful evening, in a fab venue. Xx

Fran July 1, 2022

Fabulous evening! All Skas; perfect fit for the venue and demographic!

Ashley July 1, 2022

Great afternoon

Ray June 20, 2022

You guys are a must-see for us every time we are in Spain! X

Faye June 20, 2022

All skas are brilliant. Fabulous afternoon at Miraflores.

Geraldine June 20, 2022

We had THE BEST night! It was a lovely venue, a great crowd of friends and you guys were brilliant as usual! All of our friends commented on how good the band were! We are now back in rainy England 😢 Can’t wait to get back to the sunshine soon! X

Sheena June 6, 2022

I've seen you many times and was there at your first gig. Five star.

Liz D May 10, 2022

Fantastic afternoon, thank you x

Fiona Mc May 10, 2022

Yes guys you sound great and deserve recognition

Brian W May 10, 2022

Fabulous as always ❤

Sue B May 10, 2022

The best band to sing along to Mr Rawlins!!

Bekah May 10, 2022

Awesome as per usual.

Martin D May 10, 2022

My favourite song ever!!! Looking forward to seeing you sing it live in 2 weeks at Miraflores

Hayley May 10, 2022

Brill Band. xX

Fran May 10, 2022

This band is local to us and always deliver a great afternoon/night out - can highly recommend next time they are local to you

Kay May 9, 2022

Great day guys, thanks.

Diane May 9, 2022

You were amazing thanks for your performance !! Thank you so much guys you were fantastic x

Irene - Walk for Life May 9, 2022

I can’t say they are the best, but they are...

Adria - Desert Springs May 4, 2022

Brilliant musicians and a very very entertaining show, my party had a wonderful time

Richard Chanley - Spectrum FM May 2, 2022

What a fantastic night last night! I haven't enjoyed myself as much in the last two plus years! We will definitely come to see you again.

Rose P May 2, 2022

Tonight was the first time we had seen The Allskas and we had a wonderful night with your music and our good friends. We will see you again.

Debs March 28, 2022

Saw them in Mojacar. Brill.

Andrea February 21, 2022

Saw the All Skas for the first time at Dolce Vita today. Fantastic show from start to finish. Top musicians. Top show. Will definitely book again when we're back in April with friends.

Nigel & Shelia February 21, 2022

They are great entertainment

Judy February 15, 2022

A great band. Excellent Sunday lunch too at Dolce Vita

Valerie PS February 15, 2022

Really great entertainers! Have seen them 3 times and really enjoyed their show each time.

Elizabeth LDL February 15, 2022

Even if not really your music they're a fab entertaining band, give a great performance, I'd watch 'em anytime, oh and they make me larf

Bill R February 15, 2022

On my bucket list when im next over

February 15, 2022

Bert band around

February 15, 2022

We saw the All Skas at Dolce Vita today for the first time. Top musicians and a Top show.

Cava February 15, 2022

Went to Miraflores today to see the All Skas - terrific. Thanks to Ben and the team at Miraflores and if you've never seen the All Skas they are really brilliant.

Dave Miraflores November 1, 2021

Where are you Paul? I'm waiting!

Sally Brown October 12, 2021

One of many but one of the best. We are so lucky.

John October 12, 2021

Just Great Guys ... XXX

sara September 14, 2021

They always get a crowd up dancing, such a fun evening.

Nigel September 14, 2021

That man just walks on water [Tim jumping into the water!]

Les September 13, 2021

The All Skas thank you for a great gig and for the announcement you made for me 😘xx

Michelle September 13, 2021

It was awesome!!

Debra Y September 13, 2021

It was amazing.. not only a band playing. but it was a SHOW.... chapeau boys

Ron June 14, 2021

Many thanks for your usual great performance at Dolce Vita. We really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you again next week. xx

Jackie June 14, 2021

Your vocals are superb, Paul.

Graeme June 8, 2021

Wow you’ve packed the place (Ankara, Mojacar)

Liz June 8, 2021

One of the top bands on the circuit. Looking forward to your next Gig at Harley's

Robert March 4, 2020

There Sunday afternoon fantastic X

Rachel March 4, 2020

These guys are totally legit if you love live music. This is as good as it gets. There is no better band in the south of Spain.

Dan March 4, 2020

Can’t wait for you to perform at the walk4 life gig, great entertainers. Thank you guys xxx

March 4, 2020

Been to many now. Fabulous 😊 x

Sian March 3, 2020

Great bunch of guys, Paul Rawlins who fronts the band is a lovely guy who still supports the jam sessions at Oasis when he can. The best band in the area.

Stephen March 3, 2020

Brilliant band. Great atmosphere. It’s also good to see a great bunch of guys enjoying what they do. Xx

Julie Justice March 3, 2020

Great band. I play tenor sax with a ska/reggae band in the UK and I was really impressed. We’ve even nicked some of your material! Moving to Spain soon, let me know if you ever need a second horn!

Jon March 3, 2020

It’s like being at a big party with all your mates 💥 everyone smiles, the boys are amazing and play so well together and get better every time we see them. I also have to applaud them for giving up so much of their time for Charity days. X❤️🌻

Karen March 3, 2020

Great fun, great show, great music and loads of dancing xx😊

Elaine March 3, 2020

Been to see you 5 times now absolutely brilliant so entertaining keep it up 😁😁😁x

Michelle March 3, 2020

Great night hope you come back to Puerto de Mazarron soon

Mal March 3, 2020

Energetic great fun and great guys 🙂

Danny Guitarrista March 3, 2020

Simply brilliant 🥳🥳🥳

Karen March 3, 2020

It was ‘One Step Beyond’

Nola March 3, 2020

Fantastic, my type of music, brings back good memories, don't hear much of it, round my way. Area not moved on from 50's, 60's, 70's music yet

Yvonne March 3, 2020

Irish river Sunday was brilliant.
Looking forward to next one already 👍👍

Breandan March 3, 2020

Wonderful talented band. A very good visual act too- not to be missed! Seen them many times-1st class and can’t wait to see them again❤️

Carol George March 3, 2020

An absolutely fantastic band. Professional yet funny and approachable visually and musically it's fab x

Netty March 3, 2020

Best band in the area have seen them a few times now and they never disappoint brilliant.

Alison March 3, 2020

Fantastic. That's all.

Kathryn March 3, 2020

Brilliant great music and fun dancing. Keep it up please

Chris March 3, 2020

everyone says it’s brilliant

Gill March 3, 2020

Between the great band and excellent music, their gigs make you feel really good.

Gilly Ann March 3, 2020

So full of energy and talent. This band took my breath away.

Caroline March 3, 2020

Lively, energetic, entertaining, and music you can't help dancing to.

Richard March 3, 2020

What everyone else you always create a great atmosphere whenever you perform...thankyou guys😎 x

Maxine March 3, 2020

Brilliant, enjoyed them both times.

Ann March 3, 2020

Great band, great guys, great sound = great time xxx

Sally March 3, 2020

We had a fabulous time couldn’t stop dancing,x

Jolie March 3, 2020

brilliant day or night time gigs fantastic atmosphere wherever you play should not be missed #skaforever

Pauline March 3, 2020

Really enjoyed your show, we will be back.

Sally March 3, 2020

Love the energy of this very fun in tune band ! Great atmosphere & it’s good to see new material being introduced into the Gigs.
In my option best all round entertainers doing the rounds.
Looking forward to the next time 🥂🥂🥂👍

Kay March 3, 2020

Love it. Good music, good show, good guys. Hope we see you again in June!!

Martina March 3, 2020

Absolutely loved all of them!

Charlotte00000000 March 3, 2020

Absolutely fantastic nights, been to a couple and will certainly be going to more.

John March 3, 2020

Absolutely loved it!
Though not as much as hubby who used to hang around with Dougie Trendle 😂
Can’t wait to see you guys again xx

Lisa March 3, 2020

It was Madness.

Tania March 3, 2020

If u want to embrace life and dance and be young, be foolish and be happy-All Skas is the best band around!!!!!

Loreta March 3, 2020

Fantastic gig! Not many band members jump off stage and dance and sing with their audience! I needed a day to recover, I was non stop dancing to great tunes! I’ve seen you 3 times now, is that a stalker?

Clare March 3, 2020


Deb March 3, 2020

Fully booked 😰

Oasis Pool Bar July 15, 2019

Fantastic gig tonight guys, well done, you brought the house down 👏👏👏👏👏

Andi Irish Rover July 15, 2019

great Atmosphere grt8 Band looking toward to see more of you All ~x~

Sandra Irish Rover July 15, 2019

Just experienced this fantastic band at The Irish Rover, they literally exploded onto the stage! What a refreshing different type of music! Can highly recommend them. It was a packed house, they got us all up dancing, and was thoroughly great night ..Will not hesitate to be a groupie ! Thank you so much

Shirley Irish Rover July 15, 2019

Fantastic night at the Irish rovers

Shane Irish Rover July 15, 2019

Brilliant group, brilliant night 👍 x

Debra July 15, 2019

The All Skas rock !!!!

Caroline July 15, 2019

Absolutely brilliant not to be missed ❤️

Jean July 15, 2019

We had a fantastic time the set was amazing reminded me of my youth would definitely go and see the Ska band again

Elianor Camposol Triangle July 15, 2019

Every musician a total pro - GREAT!!!!!

Martyn Camposol Triangle July 15, 2019

Brilliant night with these guys, full of energy, a band that really engages with its audience, and there were around 200 there last night, they all loved the show

Richard July 13, 2019

It was an excellent evening. Great band. Reminded me of my school days!

Lisa Ann July 13, 2019

Such an awesome band...Have seen them only twice and they just get better and better...Their audience participation makes them even more special...Can't wait to see them again..Wishing you guys every success x

Bernadette July 13, 2019

Brilliant night. It was like being at a concert. You all worked so hard thank you so much 😘

A super fan July 13, 2019

I didn't know how much I loved Ska music until I saw the All Skas - what a band!

Claire July 13, 2019